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With many younger professionals and recent college graduates entering the workplace, management tactics that may have worked in the past are not as effective anymore. Managers need to learn new and effective ways to lead different generations in their businesses.

Make sure your employees are heard

Younger employees who are joining the workforce love to be heard. They grew up in a digital age where they could easily feel heard and validated simply by posting on social media. It is important to validate your employees by making sure their voice is heard on a regular basis.

Be open to new methods of communication

When communicating with baby boomers, email is usually the go-to method in the office. However, Millenials love to communicate through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other more convenient means. A quick survey could help you determine your employees’ favorite methods of communication.

Keep routines open

Younger generations don’t like to be tied down to strict routines. Regular boring meetings just aren’t cutting it for Millenials and GenXers. Only hold these types of meetings when they are crucial. Instead of trying to keep your employees’ days cramped with needless routines, allow them to get their work done in a creative an efficient way in which they see fit.

Hold classes for your managers

Even if you have all of the best management information available for the leaders in your organization, it isn’t going to make a difference if they aren’t aware of this information. It is important to hold meetings and classes that will help teach your managers effective ways of leading different generations.

Make sure everyone is engaged

When people are bored at work, nothing is going to get done. The younger generation grew up with handheld devices and the internet available at every turn. They are used to being easily entertained at a moment’s notice. You need to make sure that you are holding activities and providing work to your younger employees that will help them to feel engaged.

Once you learn to effectively lead different generations, your business can finally thrive. There will be a feeling of synergy between the different generations that wasn’t there before. Instead of trying to discipline your younger employees and make them conform to your outdated management styles, try to learn from the way they work.