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Many might have seen Google eventually becoming the king of the web but no one would have guessed Google becoming a leading exemplar of workplace culture. The unconventional company is congratulated for having the most enviable company culture, which makes it one of the best places to work in the world.  The tech giant consistently ranks on Glassdoor’s annual Best Places to Work list.


Google has a startling approach to employee morale and an unparalleled culture of work-life balance. The company offers parental-leave policies, free healthy gourmet meals, and fitness, and laundry facilities. Google’s successful work culture has become an example for every organization to keep in practice. Below is a list of things your organization needs to learn from the model.


Google builds a herd of ecstatic employees. Usually, companies struggle to keep their employees on the same page of the vision. But for Google, it is a much different story. Their secret is that they keep their massive family of employees (over 88,000) splendidly driven by passion thanks to the company’s culture of employee happiness. Based on specific numbers, 86% of Googlers say they’re extremely or fairly satisfied with their job.


Google employees work as a team. Even though Google has over 70 offices in 50 countries with 28 percent of its employees working from home or telecommuting, they still work as a team. Teamwork is central to productivity, inventiveness and steady success of workers and companies alike.


Location based-collaboration is important when noted where teamwork departed from in the past. It’s evolved and become more complex, diverse and dynamic thanks largely to digitization, the evolvement of tools that enable effective remote communication, virtual collaboration and sharing of resources.


It’s no doubt that the culture of effective teamwork and even the business of helping every other company on earth to achieve the same is one of those things that make Google a leading brand.


Despite rigorous tasks, Google keeps things fun. It might sound very counterintuitive, the idea of having fun at work, but it’s twice more effective than motivational talks aimed at stimulating employees. Fun at work reduces absence, boosts productivity and lowers levels of stress.