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Entrepreneurship continues to grow as a means by which wealth is created in our economy. As millennials, collectively, take a leading role, one theme repeats itself. Going green, making purchases with a social conscious and otherwise looking at the bigger picture is the new order of business. Every business, no matter how tight the budget dollar is, can adopt a strategy to give back.

Establish Social Good within the Corporate Culture
While there is great good to be provided by writing a large check to a favorite cause, not every company has such significant disposable cash. But every operation could offer each employee one paid day every quarter to volunteer to a local, reputable charity. Perhaps the dollar amount is minimal, but the message is clear.

Do What You Do Best
Tailor the giving to your business. Say for example you provide software solutions to small businesses, don’t have your employees offer assistance at the community daycare center. Instead, develop an integrative, hands-on immersive program at the local high school computer lab. Giving is giving, but there can be true joy in nurturing an interest in a life-long pursuit.

Encourage Competition with Charitable Incentives
Healthy competition can be a positive and motivational influence in any company. Provide teams within your company measurable goals, set as the reward the winner’s choice of a charity and get out of the way. You may be surprised at the increased productivity that results and the motivation the losing team has for the next go-round.

Lead by Example
We all know someone who seems to do the right thing simply for the accolades they expect to receive for their acts of kindness. And while there can be no bad reason to give, doing so in a more subtle manner that reflects a true caring for the subject of the giving can have more lasting and impactful results. Share your stories of giving, explain why you chose to give in that manner and support others who similarly give. Giving in this manner is indeed contagious.

You need not be a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffet to make a difference in the world. Do what you can to continually move forward. More often than not, you will find your personal success tracks along in conjunction with your giving back.