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Robert Vaters

NYC-Based Executive Professional

About Robert

Robert Vaters is an inspirational and highly experienced leader with a penchant for turnarounds. He is President of Carob Partners LLC, a strategic acquisition and investor consulting firm.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Vaters has spearheaded operations and finance at a variety of companies in the healthcare sector. He has a history in multiple roles across the C-Suite of organizations, and he has both domestic and international experience.

Mr. Vaters’ financial, corporate strategy, investment, deal making and capital-raising expertise has led businesses to thrive and reach their next plateaus of growth. In each of his executive roles, Mr. Vaters has kept one goal at the forefront: to lead significant transformative milestones that elevate a company’s results from poor or mediocre to great.

From 2002 to 2006 he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and then head of strategy of Inamed Corporation, a $500 million global healthcare company that develops, manufactures and markets a diverse product line. (Inamed is now part of Allergan Inc.) Next, he was a Founder and General Partner at private equity firm Med Opportunity Partners LLC, where he identified, negotiated, and closed on middle market healthcare buyouts and growth equity investments.

In 2008 Robert Vaters joined Orthofix where he held several roles including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and ultimately President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. Entrusted with guiding the company’s next phase of growth. Under Mr. Vater’s skilled tutelage, the global medical device company underwent a cultural paradigm shift that allowed them to drastically grow their impact while maximizing their corporate philosophy of integrity. As CEO Mr. Vaters exceeded the company’s  multi-year expansion goals and eliminated its debt.

Mr. Vaters’ final role prior to his present work was President, Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Caladrius Biosciences, a publicly held biotech and contract manufacturing company. Here, he helped form the strategy and direction of this public biotech together with a multi-million dollar contract manufacturer.

Earlier in Mr. Vaters career he was Senior Vice President and Treasurer of multi billion dollar global advertising company Young and Rubicam.

Robert Vaters earned his Bachelor of Science in Management from Francis College in 1982. He earned his Master of Business Administration from Fordham University in 1990. A lifelong learner, he later pursued executive education in leadership and organizational transformation at Harvard Business School.

On this blog, Mr. Vaters will share some of his insights into refocusing organizations, inspiring and engaging with professional teams, and enabling unprecedented business growth. For more from Mr. Vaters, check out his blog about the healthcare sector.